Topic Particle +은/는

When the topic particle +/ (+eun/neun) is added to a noun, its general meaning is like the English ‘as for (noun)’ or ‘with regard to (noun)’. +/ can be used in many ways. In this section we will use it to describe what one person (or one subject) is doing in contrast to another.


1)  If the noun ends in a vowel, add +.
      +       저는 (I or Me)                                       Writing
    Jeo   Neun      Jeoneun
      +       (I or Me)                                          Speaking
    Jeo       N          Jeon

2)  If the noun ends in a consonant, add +.
        +      (Book)
  Chaek    Eun      Chaegeun

Examples :

한국어 공부해요.                                Paul is studying Korean.
Pauleun Hangugeo kongbuhaeyo.
사회학 공부해요.                                I am studying sociology.
Jeoneun sahoehak kongbuhaeyo.

샌드위치 좋아해요.                           Paul likes sandwiches.
Pauleun saendeuwichi joahaeyo.
하지만 수미 좋아해요.                      But Sumi doesn’t.
Hajiman Sumineun anjoahaeyo.

호주 사람이에요.                               Paul is an Australian.
Pauleun Hoju saramieyo.
수미 한국 사람이에요.                           Sumi is a Korean.
Sumineun Hanguk saramieyo.

서점에 가요.                                      Paul is going to the bookshop.
Pauleun seojeome gayo.
수미 은행에 가요.                                  Sumi is going to the bank.
Sumineun eunhaenge gayo.

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