Korean Class Level 1

Hi everyone. 
This is the right place if you are the beginner to learn Korean language. Just follow our notes. If you find out that some of the notes here are not available, this is because all the notes here will be updated from time to time. Kindly skip the ads, if you wanna reach the notes. Here are the lessons :

Greetings, Thanks and Other Expressions

UNIT 3 피자 좋아하세요?
Discussing likes and dislikes
Situation Dialogue 1
Style of Speech
Situation Dialogue 2
Word Order
Questions Structure
Saying ‘Yes’ and ‘No’
Situation Dialogue 3
Negative Question Usage
Spaces Between Words

UNIT 4 어디 가세요?
Asking people where they are going
Situation Dialogue 1
어디 가(세요)? as a Greeting
Situation Dialogue 2
Destination Particle +에 ‘to’
Topic Particle +은/는
Situation Dialogue 3
Coming & Going: 와요, 가요, 다녀요

UNIT 5 이 토요일에 뭐 하세요?
Talking about your daily routine and what are you doing
Situation Dialogue 1
Verb (Doing Words) and their Endings
    +아/어, +아/어요, +(으)세요
Casual Question Verb Endings +니/냐?
 뭐 ‘What’
 Situation Dialogue 2
 Time Particle +에 ‘in’ or ‘at’ or ‘on’
 Location Particle +에서 ‘in’ or ‘at’
 Situation Dialogue 3
 Asking Opinions ‘…어때(요)?’
 Adjective (Describing Words) and Their Endings
    +아/어, +아/어요, +(으)세요
 Adjective Table: Present Tense Endings