Casual Question Verb Endings +니?/+냐?

The verb forms you studied previously in this unit can also be used for making questions. However, in casual form the following is an alternative question style :

Verb Stem
Question Style
Less blunt
More blunt

The +? (+nya?) ending is more blunt and tends to be used more by males and the less blunt +? (+ni?) form is used more by females. The rule for constructing these forms is quite simple. Examples :

1)   Are you listening to music?

eumak deudni?
음악 ?
eumak deudnya?

2)   Are you going home?

집에 ?
jibe gani?

집에 ?
jibe ganya?

3)   Are you having lunch?

점심 ?
jeomshim meogni?

점심 ?
jeomshim meognya?

4)   Are you texting (on the mobile phone)?

문자 ?
munja hani?

문자 ?
munja hanya?

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