Destination Particle +에 ‘to’

When you want to say that you are going somewhere, you can use :

1)   Place +                (Casual)
               + (e ga)

2)   Place + 가요             (Polite)
               + (e gayo)

+ (+e) is equivalent to the English ‘to’. However, in English the ‘to’ in “I’m going to school” comes before the place ‘school’. In Korean, + (+e) is added at the end of the place word. Since + (+e) is a postposition, there is no space between it and the place word, as explained previously. ***See ‘Spaces Between Words’ in Unit 3. Study the examples below :

1)   학교에 가요.                                                     I’m going to school.
       Hak-kyo-e ga-yo.

2)   A: 어디 가요?                                                    Where are you going?
           Eo-di ga-yo?
       B: 집에 가요.                                                    I’m going home.
           Jib-e ga-yo.

3)   A: 어디() 가세요?                                          Where are you going?
           Eo-di-(e) ga-se-yo?
       B: 학교() 가요.                                              I’m going to school.
            Hak-kyo-(e) ga-yo.

***Note 1 : + is also different from the English ‘to’ in that it can be omitted in colloquial speech as long as the context does not make the meaning less clear. However, + cannot be omitted when the word to which + is attached consists of a single syllable, for example : , , , and so on.

***Note 2 : sound as ‘e’ in set.

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  1. i think got one more polite especially when to talk to professor or teacher...the use of "mida" like "kamsa hamida"..right??hehehe...

  2. @~sHy~ Yeah, that one have been discussed in Unit 2 : Greetings ^^

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