Situation Dialogue 1

Study the conversation below :

Romanisation and Translation

Minseo is at the library when she receives a call from Jihun.

지훈  :   지금 하냐?                                    What are you doing?
             Jigeum mwo hanya?

민서  :   리포트 .                                          Write report.
             Repoteu sseo.
             근데, ?                                             But, why?
             Keunde, wae?

지훈  :   그냥.                                                   No reason.

민서  :    바빠.                                               I’m busy.
             Na bappa.
             빨리 말해.                                           Quickly say it.
             Bballi marhae.

지훈  :   아냐, 그냥.                                          No, I was just asking.
             Anya, keunyang.
             리포트 마저 .                                   Finish the report.
             Repoteu majeohae.

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