Situation Dialogue 3

Study the dialogue below :

Robert Irving is leaving Korea and saying goodbye to Kim Yeongjun.
Irving     :  Gamsahamnida.                                    Thank you.
                 Annyeonghi gyeshipsio.                          Goodbye.         

Kim       :   Annyeonghi gashipsio.                           Goodbye.

Minjun’s sister is seeing him off as he goes to Australia as an exchange student.

Minseo  :  Oppa, jal ga.                                        Bye, Minjun.

                                                                              (Lit. Bye, older brother)

Minjun   :  Jal isseo.                                              Take care.

Minseo  :  Jeonhwa hae.                                       Call me.

Minjun   :  Arasseo.                                               Okay.

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