Saying Goodbye

When saying goodbye to one who is leaving, you can say :

1)  안녕히 가세요. An-nyeong-hi ga-se-yo.                             (Honorific)
2)  안녕히 가십시오. An-nyeong-hi ga-ship-shi-o.                  (Honorific, formal)
3)  잘 가. Jal ga.                                                                        (Casual)

When you are saying goodbye to one who is staying, you can say :

1)  안녕히 계세요. An-nyeong-hi gye-se-yo.                            (Honorific)
2)  안녕히 계십시오. An-nyeong-hi gye-ship-shi-o.                 (Honorific, formal)
3)  잘 있어. Jal iss-eo.                                                               (Casual)

Close friends who are young will just say ‘안녕 Annyeong’ in both instances.

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  1. same greeting for hi right ?

  2. @iPai
    It's totally different in honorofic way. But, if we're talking to a close person to us, simply use "annyeong" because it's really common and can stand for hi, good night, good morning etc. Only available to a close person.