Introducing Others

When introducing somebody, you can use:

1)  (이분은) 김 선생님이세요.                             (Honorific)
      I-bun-eun Kim Seon-saeng-nim-i-se-yo
     This (distinguished person) is Mr. Kim.

2)  (이쪽은) John 이에요.                                      (Polite)
      I-jjog-eun John-i-e-yo.
     This (person) is John.

3)  제 친구 Paul 입니다.                                        (Formal)
     Je chin-gu ‘Paul’-im-n-ida.
     This is my friend, Paul.

4)  Paul 이야.                                                           (Casual)
     This is Paul.

You will notice that the term for ‘this (person)’ is different in each sentence, and so is the final ending. The term and ending used in the first sentence show a greater level of respect, and are termed ‘honorific’. (이분은 literally means ‘this distinguished person’, whereas 이쪽은 literally means ‘over here’.) You can also introduce someone without saying “This is” in casual speech. The use of different verb endings will be introduced in the next unit.

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