Spaces Between Words

As in English, there are spaces between words in Korean sentences. The difference is, postpositional words (which are prepositions in English) and sentence endings in Korean are attached to the end of the word, without a space in between. Therefore when we type or write Korean we need to leave a space after words unless they have a postposition or sentence ending attached :

The correct way is :

  피자   좋아해요.                                     I   like   pizza.
Jeo   pija   joahaeyo.

The wrong sentences are :

1)  저피자좋아해요.                                      Ilikepizza.

2)             .                          I  l  i  k  e  p  i  z  z  a.
     Jeo  pi  ja  jo  a  hae  yo.

As you can see above, sentences are harder to read with no spaces between the words. The spacing is made more obvious on the hand writing sheet shown below.

Want a better view? Download this note :

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