Situation Dialogue 1

Paul, Minseo, Minjun and Jihun are introducing themselves :

Here are the translations of their dialogues :


Kim Minseo :
Annyeong  haseyo? Jeoneun ‘Kim Minseo’yeyo. Yeonse daehakgyo eseo yeongmunhak jeongonghaeyo. Uri oppa yeyo.

Hello, I’m inseo Kim. I’m majoring in English Literature at Yonsei University. This is my older brother. (our older brother)
Kim Minjun :
Annyeonghaseyo? ‘Kim Minjun’ imnida. Hoju ‘Monash’ daehakgyo
gyohwan haksaeng imnida. Je chingu ‘Paul’ imnida.

Hello, I’m Minjun Kim. I’m an exchange student from Monash University in Australia. This is my friend, Paul.
Paul Smith :
Annyeonghaseyo? ‘Paul Smith’ imnida. Jeodo ‘Monash’ daehak
haksaeng imnida. Hangugeo hago gyeongjehak kongbu hamnida.

Hello. I’m Paul Smith. I’m also a student from Monash University. I study Korean language and economics.
Park Jihun :
Jeoneun minseo namja chingu. ‘Park Jihun’ irago hamnida.
(Minseo squints at Jihun.)

I’m Minseo’s boyfriend, Jihun Park. (Mineso squints at Jihun.)
Kim Minseo :
Namja chingu aniyeyo.

He’s not my boyfriend.

***The romanization that I used here is the official Korean language romanization system in the Republic of Korea. If you have any confusion regarding how to pronounce, pls let me know.

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