Basic Consonants

Basically, we have :

(1)        k/g (as in kid or game)
(2)        t/d (as in tiger or dog)
(3)        p/b (as in pig or bed)
(4)        ch/j (as in charming or jungle)
(5)        s (as in speech)
(6)        m (as in mother)
(7)        n (as in noise)
(8)        r/l (as in rain or lily)
(9)        h (as in high)
(10)      ng (as in ring) This sound only applies when ㅇ is the final consonant of a syllable.When the same symbol is used at the start of a syllable it has no sound, and acts as a dummy consonant for syllables that begin with a vowel.

***Note : According to the original Hunmin Jeongeum text :
  depicts the root of the tongue blocking the throat;
  depicts the outline of the tongue touching the upper palate;
  depicts the outline of the mouth;
  depicts the outline of the incisors (the teeth at the front);
  depicts the outline of the throat.

The other symbols were derived by adding strokes to the basic ones.

Practise writing the consonants, paying attention to the stroke order shown below.

Want a better view? Download this note :

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